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  • Lesson 10 - The Symbols of Iranian Culture

    thumbnailIn this lesson you will examine

    • The most common symbols, images, and artifacts that represent Iranian culture
    • Connecting symbols to beliefs and practices
    • Alternative perspective of Iranian culture
    • A new guide to exploring culture
  • Lesson 9 - Iranians Outside of Iran

    In this lesson, you'll learn more about Iranians living in other countries.

    You'll learn:

    • History of Migration
    • 3 Waves of Migration
    • The Numbers living Abroad
    • Socioeconomic Status
    • Assimilation
  • Lesson 8 - The Iranian Family

    In this lesson, you'll learn about the family structure in Iran. 

    The lesson covers

    • The marriage process
    • Weddings
    • Divorce
    • Living Together
    • Funerals
  • Lesson 7 - Tourism

    This lesson looks at how tourism has changed before and after the revolution.

    You'll take a virtual tour of:

    • Tabriz
    • Shariz
    • Isfahan
    • Caspian Sea
  • Lesson 6 - Daily Life in Iran

    This lesson explores how Iranian identity and culture plays out in the day of an average Iranian. 

    We follow three families with different economic religious and educational backgrounds. We look at

    • daily life interactions, activities, relationships, values, and ideals
    • work, shopping, health, school, entertainment, 
  • Lesson 5 - Beyond Politics: Iran and the West

    This lesson provides an overview of


    • Iran's history of major Wester interactions / relations
    • Tensions between being a more open society vs. closed
    • Western influence in Iranian culture
  • Lesson 4 - Religion in Iran

    ThReligionis lesson provides an overview of religions in Iran including

    • Ancient Iranian Religion
    • Islamic Religion
    • Islam in the Government
    • Islam in Law
    • Non-Muslim Minorities
  • Lesson 3 - Iran's Nuclear Program

    In this lesson you'll examine Iran's nuclear program from a historical and a social perspective. 

    • Introduction
    • Pre-Revolution
    • Post-Revolution
    • Timeline
    • Views
    • Key Leaders
  • Lesson 2 - Tehran and Tehrani Lifestyle

    This lesson focuses on Tehran and the Tehrani lifestyle.  

    • Overview of Tehran
    • History
    • Growth and Expansion
    • Climate and Demographics
    • Economy and Industry
    • Atractions
    • Fashion
    • Lifestyle
    • Youth Culture
    • Technology
  • Lesson 1 - Iran Essentials

    In this lesson you'll learn more about Iran's:

    • Geography
    • Climate
    • History
    • People
    • Religion
    • Language
    • Economy
  • Foundational Lessons

    These lessons were created in 2013 to provide background information about Iran.
    Take any of these optional lessons as you see fit.